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3,920 km / 2,436 mi
16 days

The Tour of Patagonia is, with no doubts, one of the best tours that you can do with a motorbike: for many reasons, like the itinerary designed to visit the most beautiful and meaningful places both in Chile and Argentina and also for the pleasure to drive on the Carretera Austral or the famous Ruta 40. The itinerary is long 4300 km approx. (2,672 miles),of which about a 1000 km (621 miles) of unpaved roads. It will take 15 days to complete it, of which 14 days driving. For these reasons it is absolutely necessary to be capable to drive on unpaved roads. We will cross the Andes many times, from Chile towards Argentina and back. We will stay in the best Hotels available to enjoy a great rest after the toughest stages. We will get to El Calafate to visit the Perrito Moreno glacier which is really impressive and then the Torres Del Paine which is one of the most beautiful natural parks worldwide. They are both parts of the Unesco Heritage.

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Patagonia till the world end

Day 1: Arrival at Osorno airport, located south of Santiago, where we will get the vehicle that will take us to the hotel. We will get to know the rest of the group and we will do a brief meeting to talk about the journey details. In the evening we will have our welcome dinner.

Day 2: After fulfilling all formalities related to the motorbikes’ renting, we will leave towards the border with Argentina. We will get to the CardenalSamoré Pass where, after stamping the passport, we will cross the border. We will do down toward the lovely town of Villa La Angostura and then we will reach the Nahel Huapi Lake, one of the many lakes in this beautiful region. We will arrive in Bariloche by the evening where we will have the change to taste the delicious Argentinian meat.

Total Journey distance: 280 Km / 174 Miles

Average Journey time: 4 hours

Day 3: IN the morning we will leave for the Lake tour, a very scenic itinerary. After that, we will start our ride towards Patagonia. The road is really pleasant, and, among spectacular mountains and lovely bends, we will arrive in Esquel where we will rest

Total Journey distance: 280 Km / 174 Miles

Average Journey time: 4 hours

Day 4: Today we will drive our first day of unpaved roads. Once we arrive at the unpaved starting point, we will stop in order to exclude the ABS system and the traction control of our motorbikes. This operation needs to be done every time we find this type of ground. We will arrive at the border and we will stamp our passports again as we will frequently do it during our journey. We will arrive at the Yelcho Lake by a nice and fast road even if some parts are unpaved. The unpaved parts will be less and less as we get to Chile, in fact the as the works old road pavement are really a lot. In the late afternoon we will get to Puyuhuapi, a nice village nearby a fiord that forms a beautiful bay.

Total Journey distance: 280 Km / 174 Miles

Average Journey time: 4 hours

Day 5: We will start driving along the Chilean Carretera Austral and we will see that the road will get unpaved again. On our way we will find the enchanted forest, similar to those seen in the Disney movie and we will have the chance to partially visit it. We will see the mountains; the first glaciers and we will get back again to the asphalt. We will take a fast road that will take us to the lovely town of Coyhaique in the the late afternoon.

Total Journey distance: 240 Km / 150 Miles

Average Journey time: 5 ½ hours

Day 6: We will leave Coyhaique, driving direction South and we will have to dress up properly as today we will drive up to 2,000 mt (6560 ft),in front of Cerro Castillo. If the weather is bad, at this height it will be really very cold. We will find again the unpaved path, a very funny road for the lovers of this type of ground. Usually, there are a lot of bikers along these roads and we need to be careful as the speed difference when we bump into a car, will lead us to go dangerously near the bikes. So, be careful! We will get to RioTranquilo where we will have the chance to visit the spectacular Marbre cathedral. The lake we will be skirting is huge, it is called Carreras on the Chilean side while it will be called Buenos Aires once we will be crossing the Argentina border.

We will be impressed by the colors of its waters, from blue to turquoise. We will spend the night by the lake.

Total Journey distance: 240 Km / 150 Miles

Average Journey time: 6 hours

Day 7: We will continue on the unpaved road which offers beautiful views. This road has been a special stage of the Dakar Race, when it used to be done here. We will then get in ChileChico, the last Chilean town before reaching the border with Argentina. Here the paved road restarts and we will arrive at the PeritoMoreno, which is a town and has nothing to do with the glacier that is still quite far. We will continue our journey and possibly today we will have the chance to see the Patagonian animals like the guanacos which are part of Camel family, or the ñandús, very similar to little ostriches and then some small patagonic foxes. We will stop in a typical Argentinian Estancia, which is a farm where we will have a delicious lamb for dinner.

Total Journey distance: 420 Km / 261 Miles of which 120 km / 75 miles of unpaved roads

Average Journey time: 7 hours

Day 8: We will leave our ESTANCIA (the farm) to face the most challenging part of unpaved road: 100 km (62 miles) of which the last 30 km (18 miles) to be driven very carefully being this a ground that requires truly capability. Once we will go back to the asphalt, we will reach Tres Lagos, then La Leona and from there we will see the beautiful LakeViedma whith its crystal-clear blue waters. From far we will see the wonderful chain of Fitz Roy that stans in the horizon. We will arrive then at our daily destination i.e. the lovely town of El Calafate which is on the Argentino Lake. Here we will stop for 2 nights, as the following day we will visit the PeritoMoreno glacier.

Total Journey distance: 280 Km / 174 Miles

Average Journey time: 5 hours

Day 9: Today we will visit a spectacular glacier. There will be the chance to contact a local agency and for a hundred dollars, it will be possible to walk on the glacier, a very exciting experience. Or, we can go with the motorbikes up to the entrance of the National Park and from here go ahead with a boat that will take us in front of the glacier wall. It is impressive to see the height, the different colors and, if we are lucky, we might see a piece of ice while drops back.

Total Journey distance: 160 Km / 99 Miles

Average Journey time: 2 hours

Day 10: We will leave Calafate and we will continue direction South, where we will be able to see the

condors, which are impressive due to their dimensions. We will enter again in Chile, reaching the bay of PuertoNatales which is a common stop for many cruises as it is on the seaside.

Total Journey distance: 240 Km / 150 Miles

Average Journey time: 4 hours

Day 11: Today we will be visiting the National Park of Torres del Paine, one of the most beautiful parks in the world, described as the eighth world wonder. The apex of its beauty is reached, in our opinion, when you’re in front of its most famous mountain, which is gradient in two colors, beige and black. A truly unique show! The path in the park is 240 km long (150 miles) most part of it is unpaved. Here we will certainly see the guanacos.

Total Journey distance: 240 Km / 150 Miles

Average Journey time: 4 hours

Day 12: From Puerto Natales we will drive towards south, on a deserted road that will take us finally in front of Inutil Gulf and thru it, we will get to the Magellan Strait, dedicated to the great navigator who discovered it. The strait will connect the road to the Tierra del Fuego, which was named like this by the first explorers who, while sailing along the coasts they saw big fires on the land. The ferry will allow us to cross the strait and get to Cerro Sombrero, a little oil center where we will spend the night.

Total Journey distance: 340 Km / 211 Miles

Average Journey time: 5 hours

Day 13: we will leave from Cerro Sombrero to reach again the border with Argentina, that we will cross after visiting a colony of king penguins, second for dimensions only to emperor penguins. Some experts will accompany us during the visit: they daily take care of the colony so being with us during the visit will avoid them to be scared of our presence. We will pass the Custom of San Sebastian and from here we will get to Rio Grande, then Tolhuin and from there we will arrive at the Garibaldi Pass that will offer us a wonderful view on the Fagnano Lake to finally get to Ushuaia. At the entry of the town there are the famous wooden columns, which are the proof of an accomplish mission!

Total Journey distance: 360 Km / 224 Miles

Average Journey time: 6 hours

Day 14: After the celebrations for the mission accomplished, we will have plenty of time to wake up and have breakfast. For those who wish to do so, it will be possible to reach the southernmost part of the island by motorbike, the Bahia de Lapataia, at the end of Ruta3. In the afternoon we will leave on the same road that we used on the outward journey, to get to Rio Grande where we will have our Hotel.

Total Journey distance: 220 Km / 137 Miles

Average Journey time: 3 hours

Day 15: We will leave from Rio Grande, we will go back to Chile, returning towards the Magellano Strait that we will cross in order to be back on the mainland and finally reach Punta Arenas, where we will get our motorbikes back and rest at the hotel.

Total Journey distance: 340 Km / 211 Miles

Average Journey time: 5 hours

In the evening we will meet at chosen restaurant to enjoy our farewell dinner, where we will be able to remember all the beautiful moments spent together during this exciting and unique journey.


If the minimum number of participants isn’t reached, the tour may be cancelled or run with a different format.



  • Motorcycle rental with bags . (A security deposit from 1.250 to 2.000 depending on the motorcycle requested).
  • The bike rental prices include costs for public-liability insurance .
  • Welcome and farewell dinners.
  • Accommodation in 4-5 stars hotels when available at the time of booking.
  • Transfer to and from the airport.
  • Multilingual tour leader.
  • Transfer to and from the rental agency.
  • Support van. The van will carry a 60 liters bag for your personal clothes during the tour. 
  • Mechanic with parts, and a satellital phone in case of emergency.
  • Transportation of your luggage to Punta Arenas agency.
  • Tickets for Los Glaciares and Torres del Paine National Parks.
  • Ferry to and from Tierra del Fuego island. 
  • Transportation of the bike to Osorno by truck.



  • Fuel for your motorcycle.
  • Tolls on motorways.
  • Entrance tickets to museums or other touristic sites.
  • Tips and gratuities
  • All meals except welcome and farewell dinners.
  • All beverages.
  • National and international flights
  • We also suggest that anyone traveling abroad for one of our tours consider purchasing "travel insurance". It can eliminate worry from unexpected situations that can arise in any travel plan.



  • Advanced payment of 30% of the total amount of the tour to be paid at the moment of the reservation (The deposit will be completely refundable in the event that we do not reach the minimum number of participants or in an agreed manner between the parties, if the tour will be made in modality different with different services).
  • Balance 70% to be paid 30 days before the departure date subject to confirmation by our organization.
  • 100% balance if the reservation is made within 30 days before departure.



  • Up to 20 days before the start date, HP Motorrad will retain 80% of the total amount of the tour.
  • From the 20th day to the 11th day before the start date, Hp Motorrad will retain 90% of the total amount of the tour.
  • From the 10th day before the start date, HP Motorrad will retain the total amount of the tour.

Thank you for choosing us and hoping to have given you an unforgettable trip, Hp Motorrad invites you to consult our updated list of tour proposals. We are waiting for you for your next adventure.

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